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    Homebrewing overview…

    2009 - 02.09

    Alcohol has been brewed domestically (homebrew) throughout its 7000-year history beginning in Mesopotamia, Egypt and China. Knowledge of brewing beer and wine was passed on from the Egyptians to the Greeks and finally to the Romans. People homebrew for a variety of reasons. Homebrewing can be cheaper than buying commercially equivalent beverages; it can allow people to adjust recipes to their own tastes (creating beverages that are unavailable on the open market, or low-ethanol beverages which may contain less calories and so be less-fattening); or people may enjoy entering homebrew competitions.

    Sometimes referred to as “craft brewing”, homebrewing has developed various homebrewing clubs and competitions. The Beer Judge Certification Program or BJCP is an American organization which sanctions beer, mead, and cider homebrew competitions, certifies judges, and offers categories for judging; these judging categories are called “Beer Style Guidelines” and are written by the BJCP Style Committee. Similar British organisations are The National Guild of Wine and Beer Judges, who have judging categories for both beer, and wine; and the National Association of Wine and Beermakers (Amateur) – (NAWB), who have held an annual show every year since 1959.