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    Home brewing equipment

    2009 - 07.27

    LET’S BREW!!!!!!

    Its SO easy!! All you need to do is gather some devices that u can find anywhere and you are ready to go.

    The following picture shows a basic beer brewing equipment kit

    Your home beer brewing equipment should include the following items:

    1. 6.5-gallon Plastic Fermenter and Lid
    2. 6.5-gallon Bottling Bucket
    3. Airlock
    4. #2 drilled Rubber Stopper
    5. Racking Tube
    6. Bottle Filler
    7. Five feet of Flexible Tubing
    8. Hydrometer
    9. Floating Thermometer
    10. Two-handle Bottle Capper
    11. 144 Bottle Caps
    12. Sanitizer

    You should also add brewpots and bottles to the list. We all have that in our houses.

    Gather all these items AND START YOUR BREWER CARREER!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!

    Brewing equipment.

    2009 - 06.22

    Hey!! Let’s find out about the brewing equipment.

    • 1000 or 500 ltr BTT-tanks for tapping/ dispensing of beer in beer-pubs and restaurants instead of KEG-barrels
    • Beer is stored & tapped from polypropylene bag (inliner) by means of air-pressure. Bag-in-Tank system = Beer storing & tapping PP-bag is installed inside the tank and connected to the tank’s input/output. PP-bag to be exchanged by a new one within 2-3 weeks time (or sooner) on tappig-out all its beer contents (bag price is absolutely minimum)
    • Made in stainless-steel or with decorative copper-clad.
    • Made insulated with cooling-jacket (welded-jacket or copper-spiral) or without insulation to be placed in chilled tank-rooms.
    • The cheapest way of how to get beer from big breweries into a beer-glass in beer-pubs or restaurants but also
    • The most cost-effective beer tapping system for microbreweries and pubbreweries.
    • 3000 pcs of BTT-tanks produced so far

    Advantages compared with KEG-barreling:

    • Tapping of non-pasteurized beer, BTT-tanks make tapping/ dispensing of pure natural beer cost-effective
    • Beer is stored in the PP-bag (chilled down to 8-10 °C) and never gets in touch with air which benefits in excellent sparkling beer taste & durability. This, naturally, leads to growing crowds of your satisfied customers-natural beer lovers.
    • Shelf-life of non-pasteurized beer tapped from BTT-tanks is up to 3 weeks
    • There’s no need of additional CO2 for tapping, beer never gets over-carbonated
    • Reduction of beer loss (down to 2%)
    • Easy installation: BTT-tanks are mounted horizontally on the frame or also vertically (see the photos)
    • Cheaper beer distribution/ dispensing: receiving of beer by truck-tankers / beer-supply from 1 tank-room to several tap-rooms
    • Comfortable cost- & time-saving operation: no tiring and repeated manipulation with KEGs
    • Low maintenance requirements
    • BTT beer tapping system also saves microbrewer’s costs by making beer-pasteurizing not-necessary
    • BTT-tanks can also be used for soft-drinks tapping