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    Brewing equipment.

    2009 - 06.22

    Hey!! Let’s find out about the brewing equipment.

    • 1000 or 500 ltr BTT-tanks for tapping/ dispensing of beer in beer-pubs and restaurants instead of KEG-barrels
    • Beer is stored & tapped from polypropylene bag (inliner) by means of air-pressure. Bag-in-Tank system = Beer storing & tapping PP-bag is installed inside the tank and connected to the tank’s input/output. PP-bag to be exchanged by a new one within 2-3 weeks time (or sooner) on tappig-out all its beer contents (bag price is absolutely minimum)
    • Made in stainless-steel or with decorative copper-clad.
    • Made insulated with cooling-jacket (welded-jacket or copper-spiral) or without insulation to be placed in chilled tank-rooms.
    • The cheapest way of how to get beer from big breweries into a beer-glass in beer-pubs or restaurants but also
    • The most cost-effective beer tapping system for microbreweries and pubbreweries.
    • 3000 pcs of BTT-tanks produced so far

    Advantages compared with KEG-barreling:

    • Tapping of non-pasteurized beer, BTT-tanks make tapping/ dispensing of pure natural beer cost-effective
    • Beer is stored in the PP-bag (chilled down to 8-10 °C) and never gets in touch with air which benefits in excellent sparkling beer taste & durability. This, naturally, leads to growing crowds of your satisfied customers-natural beer lovers.
    • Shelf-life of non-pasteurized beer tapped from BTT-tanks is up to 3 weeks
    • There’s no need of additional CO2 for tapping, beer never gets over-carbonated
    • Reduction of beer loss (down to 2%)
    • Easy installation: BTT-tanks are mounted horizontally on the frame or also vertically (see the photos)
    • Cheaper beer distribution/ dispensing: receiving of beer by truck-tankers / beer-supply from 1 tank-room to several tap-rooms
    • Comfortable cost- & time-saving operation: no tiring and repeated manipulation with KEGs
    • Low maintenance requirements
    • BTT beer tapping system also saves microbrewer’s costs by making beer-pasteurizing not-necessary
    • BTT-tanks can also be used for soft-drinks tapping